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tryfiles is a directive that allows you to specify a list of files to try to serve from the filesystem defined by the root directive. If none of the files exist, the request is passed on to the next handler in the chain, such as a proxy handler.

This directive makes it easier to serve compiled static content (React, Vue, etc.) for single page applications. The default configuration will first try to serve the requested file, then try to serve an index page (e.g. index.html) if the requested file does not exist.


# Uses a sensible default configuration, works for most SPAs (see below)

This default configuration is equivalent to:

tryfiles {path} index.html index.htm index.txt default.html default.htm default.txt {
  except /.well-known {cfg.addr.path}/.well-known
  without {cfg.addr.path}

This default configuration even works if the site block is defined on a subpath, e.g.

You can customize the list of files to try:

tryfiles [paths...] {
  except  paths...
  without prefix
  • paths is a list of space-separated file paths to try in order. Placeholders are supported.
  • except is a list of space-separated file paths to exclude from the list of files to try. Placeholders are supported.
  • without is a path prefix to strip from the request path before trying to find the files on the filesystem.


Serve index.html if the requested file does not exist:


Try the requested file, then index.php with the query string appended:

tryfiles {path} /index.php?{query}&p={path}